Spotlight on the Authors: Evan Lowe

You want to know what’s cool…catch phrases. “Oh my stars and garters.” “FLAME ON!” “Up, up, and away!” And of course my personal favorite “HULK SMASH!”Evan about the authors

Even though I’m a new comer to the comic book world and all the glory it offers, catch phrases, sweet- ass costumes, and possessing super human abilities have always been the pinnacle of nerdiness and badassness. But let’s be honest, they are the same thing. The only person I have to blame for being introduced to the comic game so late is myself and my own pickiness. I don’t know if anyone else out there is like me, but I can’t stand starting a story line in the middle. It’s the beginning or nothing for me. I would much rather be fully informed and late, rather than really confused running with the rest of the pack. But once I got into comics it’s as if Mjiolnir, the great hammer of Thor, hit me straight in the little part of my brain that says, “Yes… spandex and wearing underwear on the outside of your pants is cool and manly,” and suddenly kicked it into overdrive.

But what really took my heart away was a 9 foot tall, 1400 pound green rage monster man wearing purple pants…YUP. I was fascinating that little to nothing could hurt this “Hulk” and that the more hurt he got, the angrier he got. And the angrier he got the stronger he became. So basically, you’re screwed. My interest didn’t stop there, however.  I went searching left and right for anything that was unique, creative, and exciting. I love all that comics have to offer to the people of today and I am the guy always searching for more. The Walking Dead, Locke and Key, Batman, Hulk, Saga, American Vampire, Age of Ultron and much more.

I grew up in Aurora, Colorado where I always thought comics were cool, they just weren’t for me, I was such a fool. My true love was in music, more specifically Hip-Hop; I wanted to listen to all the new songs, break down every lyric and decipher what they meant. To me, Hip-Hop was such a poetic way to express not only what is happening in an individual’s personal life, but the grander society as well. If there was a song out there that resonated with me, I would be sure to memorize the lyrics within only a few days of hearing it for the first time.

Currently, I am a student studying social work at Colorado State University and my passion still reigns true, only now it has a kick-ass side kick in comics. Now that I am more knowledgeable about comics than I was in the past, I continue to notice several references to comics in Hip-Hop. “What do these references mean? Where are they from? Where can I find more like them? Have you noticed references in your life?” you may ask.  In due time all these questions can and will be answered! With Hush Comics, I enjoy bringing comics and other genres together, as well as comic book reviews from the stance of a newcomer. So if you are interested in comics but are afraid of the commitment, not being knowledgeable enough, or being a newcomer, I say POPPYCOCK! Get out there, be a mother lovin’ badass nerd, wear purple spandex and say, “Now, that is how unicorns butter their bagels!!”…or maybe I need to come up with a better slogan!

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